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Sunday, October 31, 2010

strange feelings

"The nicer the man seems to be, the more suspicious you must become."--roald dahl

(I am wondering---is it same for a woman!!!)

now you say
I am your friend,

now you say
I am around,

now you say
I am too good...

I just smile
and fear

some day
you might
get bored of
and stop saying
all of these
that make me smile.


Zave said...

We often think, "its too good to be true".
But sometimes it is actually true.

D2 said...

Might be true so many times, but one would never know the few exceptions unless they surrender! :)

Romeo Das said...

Beautifully written. Well according to me, sometime its true and sometimes when due to fear someone fails to reciprocate his or her likings, it gives the other person a wrong perception and he or she might stop showing such affection in future!

Take care :)

Aashi said...

A fear so many hv knwn..uncertainity is scary...but sumtyms it helps..if the fear is mutual...they cud be a forever

fiveloaf said...

it does happen when the mouth becomes lazy.. maybe words are no longer enough and so the closeness will be felt by actions rather than words..

Mary said...

I like this. I think your poem speaks for many. :o)

dan roberson said...

Just a little doubt to keep love fresh. Your poem tells what many of us have felt.

Jingle said...

lovely word play..
enjoyed the read.
Thanks for linking.
Happy Potluck!

abthomas said...

Aptly put! never a day goes by that thoughts such as this cross my mind, be it lover, friend or acquaintance!

industrialarts said...

great use of language and supporting the quote by Dahl. nice job!

The Reason You Come said...

I like that you quoted Dahl; there's a lot of truth in that quote. And there's a lot of truth in your words, too! We always fear something that seems too good to be true!

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

Sometimes redundancies can bore us, but love makes it fresh again and again.

Shashi said...

HOw true... but then the fear is not the right foundation for love... and if its there then there is no love... only an obsession...
Your words are beautiful.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

kavisionz said...

Good Golly!! That was quite a thought there!! But then, it was so honest and so true for many a soul... I like the way you have constructed this poem... and the sudden twist towards the end... very nicely done indeed!!!

gnarlyoak said...

always gotta give ourself a reality check! fun poem and quote.

Jingle said...

thanks for linking up with potluck.

award/treats for you. smiles.