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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Miles after-money is not a thing

This won't be easy,
but I have to try.
I'll have to leave in dead winter
and come back in July.
I'll have to sing what I feel
almost every night;
but if this does anything,
and it will, you'll see,
I'm gonna do everything
to put you next to me.

This is keeping me up
so I decided to just give in;
call it a night...
I've run out of different ways
to tell you what I've tried
a million other times.
I doubt that I could leave you
and I still doubt you'd even care;
but how could I lead my life
and always say truth,
but never dare?

I can feel the undertow;
Will it drown me? I dont know...
Don't you see it's you I need
or will you leave me lost at sea?
You'll miss the salt and offshore breeze
and I forgot to mention, me.
I don't think that you should go
I can't stand to be alone...

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