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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Caught In a storm

You huff about the sultry summer
Pouring out of your veins...

Slippers and bangles,
Anklets and tassels,
The matted hair,
speak of
summer flame...

He was about to
like the way
you chirp,

but for the sudden rumble,
silence hushed his speech.

the bangles rolled
As clouds grumbled,
the slippers flips,
As thunders tumbled,

Some hushed giggles,
shy and stumbled,
caught in a thunderstorm.


Anonymous said...

some interesting play on words. I liked the journey through your write. Enjoy the potluck!

Jingle said...

neat play on the events of a stormy day.

link to poets rally if you did not do it yet.

Happy Potluck!

Anonymous said...

WooooooW!Superb indeed...

Anonymous said...

I loved the last stanza and as many have mentioned the word play. Very nicely done!