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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Choked but not dead yet

People around her thought she was just another normal girl, returning from office. So did the ticket collector. So did the helper hanging half way out of the blue-yellow bus- rushing through crowded streets of an evening bright Kolkata. But she had voices chanting in her mind-" Count your breathing, steady girl, you are almost there. Boarding off the bus-at the heart of the city- she panicked. "How will I cross this road?! My legs are heavy and numb right now, I cant hardly breathe- will I die now? " She looked left and right and took a few steps forward. The evening crowd- carried her away to the other side of the whistling thoroughfare. by then- things were getting out of hand. Gasping for breathe, failing to call for help, she dropped on the pavement- overtaken by a painful seizure.  The chanting in her mind had grown louder than ever- "You can't give up, you can't die- your parents are waiting for you at home. You got unfinished tasks at hand. You can't give up- you are too young!" And the world drew dark and some one from a distance seemed to answered, "Didi, are you alright?"

~Recalling How it all began~


Lazy Pineapple said... there another part to this?

ritesh said...

Agree with Lazy. The end seemed like another beginning...a story unfinished...deserves a sequel :)